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Apr 07 2013

Two Different Worlds

“Wow! Look at that airplane!” “What? You’ve never seen a plane take off before?” “Not like that, only in the movies” Last Thursday, I went up north to Miami (about an hour and a half away) with some students from the poetry club. We were going to an informational session for a competition that is…

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Apr 07 2013

“Dear Students”

About a little over a month ago, some students came to me to start a poetry club. Shortly after, “Raison d’etre” (Reason for existing) was created. We started meeting everyday until 4pm after school. It’s been so amazing being around these students. They are inspiring, courageous, and talented, all at the same time. And for…

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Apr 07 2013

J in Jail

J is a student of mine. He is 18 years old, a sophomore, has a 2 year old son, and is currently in jail. I found out one morning through a student who showed me his mugshot which was posted onto facebook. There was a huge fight between 2 rival gangs at my school. 11…

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Feb 24 2013

Bullies Called Him Porkchop

Last week, our school held it’s first slam poetry night. To say the least, I was blown away. For the very first time, I got to hear students’ voices through art. And though there is no arts program here, these students were nothing less than creative, dramatic, and inspiring. Though not many people went to…

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Jan 10 2013

Ms. Wu’s New Years Wish for You!

Today is a new year Everything is in the clear We’re given a chance to right our wrongs To start up strong (and maybe play more math songs?) It may be hard to get back in SHAPE But promise me you’ll do whatever it takes Let’s work together to set the bar Set our expectations…

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Sometimes I feel like I have it worse than my students. This past week especially, I’ve been waking up disillusioned by the fact that break is coming to an end. I premeditated this, which was why I planned to arrive back in Miami on Sunday, 5pm–less than a day before school starts. Was that the…

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Dec 30 2012

Ok to “chill” over winter break???

There must be something wrong with me. I’m not taking advantage of winter break to lesson plan for the rest of the year. Though its in the back of my mind, I haven’t been plotting a revolution for the 2013 year. Revolution in the sense that I have to uproot everything that I’ve done this…

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Dec 27 2012

Teach for America Video Blog #1

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Dec 16 2012

Ms. Wu’s Angle Love Song

Yes, I’m cheezy. I wrote a math song for my Geometry class. I wanted them to be able to remember angle relationships formed by transfersals. What better way to turn it into a love song?? Here are the lyrics: If I were an ordinary supplementary angle, would you add up to 180 make a line…

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Dec 16 2012

The Karate Kid: Jacket on, Jacket off

The other day, I got a comment from a student saying, “Why do I even need this (math), I’m going to be a lawyer.” At that time I was caught off guard because, well, I was in the middle of a lesson. But mostly because I didn’t have a well developed argument on why math…

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