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Apr 28 2013

Free Hugs Movement

My poetry club students decided to do something special last week. After the incident where I started crying, they all pretty much got into their feelings. After our meeting, they went up to City Year (and anyone who crossed their path) and just gave them hugs. The next day, M, our club president came up to me with a brilliant idea: Free Hugs signs! So that’s what we did.

I told them that they might get made fun of, people might give them weird looks, but they have to be strong. If they want to make change, they have to stand their ground and do what they believe in. No matter what, don’t take off your sign. At the end of the day, there were a few who took off their signs, but most stood in their belief. They told me it was hard, that people called them gay,  gave them funny looks, or tricked them into getting hugs just to embarass them, but they didn’t care. What they cared more for was that they started a rippling effect. They were spreading love throughout the school. They are what I call, BRAVE.

Check out this video that M made!



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