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Jan 10 2013

Ms. Wu’s New Years Wish for You!

Today is a new year

Everything is in the clear

We’re given a chance to right our wrongs

To start up strong (and maybe play more math songs?)

It may be hard to get back in SHAPE

But promise me you’ll do whatever it takes

Let’s work together to set the bar

Set our expectations high so you can go far

It’s never too late to learn from mistakes

It may be hard, and there wil be times you may hate

But I promise you you’re not alone

I’ll help you leave your comfort zone

And when you are the best you can be

And when you pass that EOC

You can finally say, “I did it! ME!”

Be proud of all you put into Geometry

So now is the time to SHAPE UP 

Never the time to give up

Make everyday your very best

So that you can pass this ultimate test

So this is my New Year’s wish for you

You can do this, Love Ms. Wu

© 2013 Angela Wu

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